We put the Hurt on Dirt

Preparing the Garage for Rally Mexico


You aren’t racing the garage at WRC Mexico, why does it need help? Thanks for asking! The garage is the home base. If something rally related is happening, most of the time it involves the car, and most of the time, the car is in the garage. The more stuff I have to trip over to get to the car, bolts, or random pile of jagged metal, the longer a task takes. Since I’m building a new car, there is going to be a lot of bolts, and metal. If the garage is dark, I feel like a raccoon in a cave, and end scavenging, and picking up tasty nuts instead of working. When the garage is cold, I end up in bear mode; so covered in layers, that I lumber into everything in sight, and wish I was hibernating. We are competing against time to get the car built, so starting with the garage is like building a stadium for the pros to play in.

We are doing 3 main things to help the garage, to help the team. First we’re going to organize the piles, and hide them so I’m less distracted by the shiny bits. Then we’re going to insulate the walls, so I have less excuses to stay in the warm house. Finally (sure, in the bible, this was first) I’m going to proclaim “let there be light”. Trust me (and all my mechanic friends that tell me what’s wrong with the garage), a nice work environment will transmute my brain-farts into golden nuggets.

I’ll keep updating this post as I get more videos together. The whole project should be done by the middle of March.

Now Enjoy – pt.1

And   – pt.2

Now – pt.3

One response

  1. Dad

    Amazing transformation Adam!
    Great things coming from there – going international!
    Watching for the car prep to receive the checkered flag.

    April 2, 2012 at 4:27 am

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