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CraneRallyCrew – 2012 – And Beyond!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Super Long List of Wonder (SLLoW) that I put together to wrap up 2011. Now that our past is cemented in your brain, it’s time to talk about the Future of Crane Rally Crew.

CraneRallyCrew – 2012 – And Beyond!!

Last season, my goal was to do as many events as I could get to. That turned out great but, I was disappointed to have run so many events and not gotten to the top step even once. So, I passed from midnight 2011 with one goal: To get 1st in class in 2012. The problem with my one goal is that there are too many factors that are out of my control, including other competitors (no sabotage allowed). I’ve decided to change the goal to say: Prepare for each event so that I can focus on a 1st in class finish. This shift is important, because a lot of time last year was spent getting to events at the expense of preparation. It’s also going to effect what I have to say in the next paragraph.

I’m a fan of rally. I’ve been to a bunch of rallies, I’ve seen a bunch of rallies on TV, and I’ve competed in a bunch of rallies. I’ve seen some incredible driving, and neat cars, but I’ve never been exposed to the top level of rally in person; I’ve never been to a WRC event. WRC Rally Mexico is the only world championship event in North/Central America. I should go to that event. I should actually race in that event. In 2013 the Crane Rally Crew will compete in WRC Mexico.

Preparation for a WRC event is going to be a year long process. Patches won’t pass tech at an FIA event, so I’m going to start building Hatches, an AE86 ver2.7. I expect to do at least two events in Hatches before Mexico. Dustin in the Purple Panda has a head-start with a solidly built car (ver-2), but will need to work on finishing events this year. To help manage the team, we’re investing in the services of Jason Grahn, who will help keep our timeline and budget on track.
With that bombshell, we’ll start the 2012 season while looking forward to the WRC in 2013.

-For more information on the CraneRallyCrew, go to CraneRallyCrew.com

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  1. Totally awesome idea, I can’t wait to see the build and the push to make it, Good Luck!

    February 3, 2012 at 4:14 am

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