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Crane Rally Crew 2011 Wrap-up

I wanted to end the year by compiling some of the information that I think is important to the Crane Rally Crew. It will be a long post, with lots of bullet points. If I can get my infographics team on it we’ll have a colorful update sometime later. The goal isn’t to bore anyone to death, just to show you how deep our love is for all things rally. It will also be a way to compete against Dustin.

Stay tuned for a fun future announcement in February, and thanks for all your support in 2011!

Twin Peaks Rally Cross
Oregon Trail*
North Nevada
Mt Hood*
Big White*
*with Dustin in the Panda

Britta         -The Gold Standard
Sean           -Mendocino
Don             -Idaho

Blog posts-
13 if you’re counting this one.

Video views-
contour -adam 2,351 [57 videos]- dustin 2,497 [10 videos]
youtube -blocked at work
Crane Rally Crew match books handed out ~212
Candy handed out to Volunteers ~32lbs

Stage wins-
OA             0  CRC
2WD          13 CRC        1 PANDA
Gp2           14 CRC         1 PANDA

Placing in Gp2
1st         0
2nd        6 CRC
3rd         2 CRC                1 PANDA
DNF       2 CRC                2 PANDA

Championships – CRC
North West Rally               2nd Gp2
Norton Championship       1st
South West Rally                2nd 2wd
Bilstein Cup                         2nd

Borders crossed
British Columbia

Rumbles -RIP         8-10mpg
Van-Tastic                13mpg

Nevada                 – great video
Mount Hood         – ended up in 3rd, from 1st
Big white               – ended up in 3rd, from 1st

Tires used
Rumbles                -5,         3 blowouts
Patches                  -18
Flat tires                -1 onstage
Tire Brands used        Hankook, Lassa, Silverstone
Tire compounds used        hard, med, soft
Favorite tire                Silverstone
Wheels Destroyed        -7 -don’t use soft Volvo wheels

Panda         -2
Patches      -2

Subarus Beaten
couldn’t begin to count.

Engines Used By Panda Team
3  – Bones, Reddy, 20v

Biggest competitors
Patches – George Doganis, Hendo, Gottlieb
Panda – Dave Clark, Patches
Biggest Fans – let us know in the comments

Most Missed Competitors
Cody Crane
Lou and Randee
Tom and Don
Sean and Jeanne
Kris Schofield
Dirty Drifters

Most lusted after new car
Scion FR-S

Most discussed topics- ME!?

Hardest working Crew-

IOU hall of fame
Sean Medcroft
Robert Gobright
Alan Petersen
Garth Ankeny

Best rally
North Nevada, loved the roads and length.

Most exhausting rally
Idaho, a long solo drive out meant I was never rested.

Biggest ‘flub’
Big White
Cameras destroyed – Sorry Contour, I don’t even have the footage.
Gb of footage collected – 43Gb
Scrap Metal Sold- ~$800
Event Summary -2011 -CraneRallyCrew

Twin Peaks Rally Cross
DNF – Crashed in the 3rd Qualifier while leading -Video
footage of the crash made it into the ESPN3 Broadcast
5th Max-Attack (2wd) – $500 (our largest Prize to-date)
11th         OA         Day1
2nd          Gp2        Day1
14th         OA         Day2
3rd         Gp2         Day2
Oregon Trail
13th         OA         Day1
4th         Gp2         Day1
DNF         Day2         DNS Day3
8th         OA
2nd         Gp2
North Nevada
6th         OA         Day1
2nd         Gp2         Day1
4th         OA         Day2
2nd         Gp2         Day2
4 fastest 2wd times
3rd OA
2nd Gp2
3 fastest 2wd times
Mt Hood
8th         OA
3rd         Gp2
2 fastest 2wd times
Big White
13th         OA
2nd         Gp2
4 fastest 2wd times

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