We put the Hurt on Dirt

Olympus Rally – Max-Attack!!


This is going to be an exciting update.

We got the car fixed after it’s crash at the Global Rallycross Championship event at Twin Peaks.  The Toyota Corolla has earned a new nickname “Patches”, because of the . . . well, patches that I’ve made each time I back it off the road, or crunch it into something solid.  The harsh part of the incident at Twin Peaks was that when the wheel hit the concrete block, it was forced back into the fender, right where one of the fuse panels lives.  The fuse panel was crushed into little bits of plastic and metal (which is why the car died, and I wasn’t able to continue for the next heats). There was some stress when I had a hard time sourcing a replacement, but I now have the car back together, and a spare.  Big thanks to the Dirty Drifters, a Portland area fun club, and the NW Drift/ Corolla forum, HachiRoku.net.

See the media page for links to videos of the Rallycross event, and the damage to Patches.

The Olympus Rally.

Olympus is a fun event and this year it was extra special.  In the Northwest, our standard season opening event is the Doo Wops Rally.  Everyone loves the club feel of the event, and the competition, as many teams debut new cars or upgrades at this event.  Doo Wops was canceled this year so Olympus was the first event of the year.  Olympus uses many of the same roads as Doo Wops, the event we started racing at in 2006 and have done every year since, so we’ve got an advantage over the National competitors.  That advantage would be important because Olympus was the first round of the Max-Attack! series.

Max-Attack! is a 3 race championship that encourages Full Pace, 110%, Pedal to the Metal racing between 2wd teams.  The goal of the series is to show that you don’t need a blue Subaru and tons of cash to go quick, and have super close competition at a rally.  Often the Max-Attack! winner places in the top 10 over-all, beating a field of up to 60 cars, with over half of them being all wheel drive with turbos.  Max-Attack! get us excited because at the end of the event they hand out CASH!!  A $5000 dollar purse is up for grabs for the top 5 2wd finishers.

The Rally.

Here is where we take a deep breath for Matthew Marker, a National competitor who will be remembered.  I will look at every DNF (did not finish) differently from now on.

We did well. We ran a “clean” rally, kept the pedal down and came away with 5th in the Max-Attack! standings and a giant novelty check for $500!  The competition was tough and turbo and ECU problems dropped ACP in the Scion Racing Tc down to 6th at the end of the scored stages. Everyone knows the weekend could have ended up differently if the entire event was run without incident.

Here are the results:

Max-Attack! – 5th 2wd, $500! -Max-Attack! Wrap up video!

Ray Damitio rally, Regional day 1 – 2nd in Gp2

John Nagel rally, Regional day 2 – 3rd in Gp2

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