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Patches – SOLD

Patches was sold recently. We’ll figure out a way to keep the ‘Spirit of Patches’ alive.

1986 Toyota Corolla AE86.  Real wheel drive.   JVAB Struts.   Custom 4 link rear end.  Volvo 1031 rear axle with 5.38 ring and pinion.  115 horse power.  What?!

Patches is for sale: Listed on SpecialStage.com Click HERE

Basics – The car is sold as is with comprehensive spares, from Seattle WA, for $4321.00. A perfect ‘get out and race’ package.

Here are some current photos

1986 Toyota Corolla SR5 – converted to GTS
built and log-booked in 2006 – 30 events ~5 DNFs no MAJOR accidents – Some patches
1.5″ 0.125″ DOM tubing
~2750 lbs with Britta and I, a spare, and a tank of gas – Think 2400 lbs empty
1.6l 16v 4AGE ‘blue top’ with TVIS ~112 wheel horse power
Megasquirt by Spitfire EFI, header, 2.25″ exhaust, metalic cat, stainless magnaflow muffler
cams and ported by reputable tuner (Mark Stevens)
twin mounted ignition coils for side of road swaps
VW radiator and expansion tank aftermarket fan, on override switch, and 185/210 temp switch
remote battery behind drivers seat
T50 5 speed transmission
Volvo 5.3 rear end
Volvo bolt pattern and Brakes – very strong/fade proof
Hydraulic handbrake
JVAB front struts with Subaru style uprights for camber adjustment
custom lower control arms, also for camber, and stronger Volvo ball joints
Bilstein 7100 10″ coil-over rear shocks with ‘custom’ equal length 4-link geometry – very stable on jumps, bumps, everywhere
1.5/1 steering quickener 2 full turns lock to lock with good steering angle
OMP RS FIA listed seats
G-force 5pt FIA belts expire 2016
Terra Trip plus
Wiring for 3 pairs of lights, you’ll get the ‘cornering’ and NAPA 6″round HIDs
Terraphone/greytronics/rallyintercom.co.uk intercom 9v and wired 12v -no headsets
Map lights Hella white, Boating LED red
Gauges for H20 temp, Oil pressure, o2, battery

t50 trans – unknown condition
starter, alternator
some suspension bits, links, brake bits
Some volvo wheels 4 on the car, ~4 off
Spare ignition bits
spare fuel and oil filters
Spare doors, hood, trunk, bumpers, headlights, front facia
Spare Fuel tank guard