We put the Hurt on Dirt

How we love thee, let’s Count-our the ways!

Contour, a Seattle based action camera company makes the equipment we love. We don’t mind pushing their product, because for the second time we’ve been featured in their monthly promotional email! Congratulations to Dustin in the Purple Panda for making the ‘breakthrough’, with his excellent footage from his roll at the Big White Winter Rally in December.

Click the photo below to see the email, and click around to see Dustin and Jeff in action!

Contour - Stacking With Style

Crane Rally Crew Rolls through the Highlights!

Dustin is working on the Panda as we speak. There will be a bit of gene splicing, if you know what I mean. Look for some more fun time lapse videos later this month.

Also follow the links from the Media page to see some of the GPS cameras in action

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