We put the Hurt on Dirt

Idaho Rally 2012 – 5th Gp2

The Crane Rally Crew has ended their long off-season with a mid-pack finish at the 2012 Idaho Rally. Adam and Britta in #742 ‘Patches’ were 5th in class, while Dustin and Jeff in the #206 ‘Purple Panda’ managed 8th. The Idaho Rally was a perfect event to come back to. The organisation was excellent, the roads were great, and the competition was top notch. 39 cars entered, 15 of them in the 2wd class. Regulars from the NW like Dave Clark, Jason Staats, were joined by Sean Lane, Michel Hoche-Mong and several other competitors from down south.

While the event and competitors were prepared for us, we weren’t ready for them. ‘Patches’ got a bit of cleaning and love, but I came down with a cold that had me feverish and snotty all weekend. The Purple Panda got some new body work, but was missing some power from the engine, which had only a quick shakedown before the event.

The Olympus Rally is next on the calendar, but it’s a long ways off, in September. Look for more refinement from your classy pals in the CraneRallyCrew.

Videos are up Here: http://contour.com/users/acrane

See http://www.IdahoRally.com for more info

Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay

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