We put the Hurt on Dirt

Pre-Rally Idaho

The 2012 Idaho Rally is next weekend, and boy are we excited! The Crane Rally Crew’s last race was the crazy snow filled adventure called the Big White Rally. If you live in a place that has seasons, you know that snow happens in the winter. Winter was a long time ago, and we’ve missed the fun of racing our rally cars. The Oregon Trail Rally was just a few weeks ago, and I went to help crew, take photos, and hang out with my rally pals, but it’s not the same as strapping in and putting the pedal down against your fast friends. There were a couple of reasons for missing Oregon including the Purple Panda’s snowy roll, and the ongoing preparation of ‘Hatches’ for WRC Mexico next year. It’s finally time to race.

Idaho Rally has been a favorite of the Crew. The roads are amazing, the organization is great, and they care about everyone who takes part, from the volunteers, to the service crews. You can read about our experiences last year -here-. The roads remind me of my eastern Washington youth; smooth, with good sight lines, and variety of turns and elevation. Dick Rockrohr and the whole group of organizers have been growing and improving the event each time we race. Speaking of ‘growth’ this year there are more competitors than ever! 49 car teams, ~20 of them 2wd. There are a bunch of crazies racing in UTVs, ATVs, and Motorcycles too. Carl’s Cycle in Boise, and Larry Miller Subaru sponsor the event.

The Crane Rally Crew is ready to Race! I’ve had a fun few weekends dusting off ‘Patches’ the Corolla for what may be his last race (really?). Updating the safety gear, and counting my old tires are where my prep has stopped. Dustin has had a fun few months repairing the Purple Panda. A new hood, fenders, headlights, bumper, frame, suspension, radiator hose, body moulding, alignment . . . hmm, I’ll stop there. A race is what we’ll have. If Dustin in the Panda can put the power down, he’ll be a podium contender.

We look forward to the weekend, follow us on Twitter @PandaCraneRally

He’re a video shot at last year’s event to whet your appetite. Idaho 2011

And a classic!

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