We put the Hurt on Dirt


Rumbles the box van died on the way back from California. {see post below}
It took two full months of shopping with some suprises and
disappointments, but we now have a replacement.

Here are a couple of names I’ve come up with, we’ll let you know when
something sticks;

Adri-Van Newey
the Iron Giant
Tommi Makki-Van
Sebast-Van Loeb
Calamity Van
Van VanLandingvan
Count Van Vanstien
Van Damage
Vani-kahna II
Eskaflowne` Kong
The transporter
Turbo Two

The new van should be the last I’ll need, so I’m aiming to perfect the form with this one.
Expect to see Aero and handling mods,
Along with specifics for rally service.
And eventually, some sweet graphics too.

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