We put the Hurt on Dirt


It’s been a month since Crane Rally Crew completed the North Nevada
Rally, which means it’s time for another rally.

Nevada had some great challenging roads, and good 2wd competition.  At
the awards presentation Jim Robbinson, the organizer for the Mednocino
Red Tail Rally [http://mendocinorally.com] invited competitors to race
on BETTER roads, with MORE cars!  We worked it out, and due to some
fun logistics, our name was on the entry list within the week.

Once again Reigning Co-Driver, Britta, will be sitting (not really,
she’s got important stuff planned) out the event.  I’m looking forward
to having Sean Medcroft as co-driver.  He’s a seasoned driver,(he’s
already written off a rugged, RWD, Merkur Xr4ti Gp5 car, at a
MaxAttack! event), a brilliant mechanic, and a complete unknown in the
Right Seat.  He’s coming with the blessings and motion sickness
patches of his co-driver Jenne.

The car is ready for the new twisty California roads, despite being
locked in a van for the past month in Reno.  The reliability of
Patches couldn’t even be dented by driving like this:
http://goo.gl/kRwE7 at NNR.  Our plan is to unload it, dust it off,
and hit the stages. After Califonia, it’ll finally get back to it’s
home in Seattle, where I can lavish all kinds of attention on it
before Wild West.

Here is a list of the states we’ve raced in this season,

After this weekend, Crane Rally Crew can add California to the list.
All we need is a Canadian event to round out the Pacific Perfecto.

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